What’s the Quickest Way to Make Money Online?

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What’s the fastest way to make money online? It’s a question I often ask myself. Like many others, I hear stories of how some spotty kid is making thousands from posting YouTube videos and want to do the same. Surely it can’t be that hard?

As if reading my mind, I saw a link on Pat Flynn’s website that asked that very question – what’s the fastest way to make money online? I’ve been following Pat for years and he’s both very knowledgeable and generous with his hard-gained knowledge. His article on what is the fastest way to generate income online spelled out the answer to my question, which I already knew but probably didn’t want to admit.

There is no magic bullet to make money online

As Pat suggests, the questions should be rephrased as “With the resources I have available to me now, what can I possibly offer to others in exchange for money?”

What can you do that others would be willing to pay you for? In some cases, it might not be obvious. I write travel books but this means I can also offer related services such as:

  • Converting documents to ebooks that can be sold on Amazon
  • Convert documents to print-ready books that can be sold on Amazon
  • Create and host a custom website
  • Research the best keywords to use for Kindle books
  • Show people how to convert their own documents to ebooks

This is just around the area of writing. The point is to think of what you can offer and decide if others would be willing to pay for it. You can read Pat’s full article here.

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