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Celebration of Light

After a few months down due to my hosting provider deleting my account, my web-site is back again and ready for the world! Check it out on and let me know what you think.

  • Photo Gallery: View photos from my travels around the world including China, Tibet, Nepal and India
  • Featured Pages: Featured pages on cool, new slider. Wow!
  • Book Pages: Check out my books High Road to Tibet and Klondike House

I hope you can come and visit soon. You’ll be seeing lots more posts from me in the future.

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John Dwyer is a travel writer and blogger. His first book High Road to Tibet: Travels in China, Tibet, Nepal and India became an Amazon best-seller. His latest book Klondike House: Memories of an Irish Country Childhood recalls his years growing up on a rural farm in Ireland.

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  1. Seán O'Dwyer (Ardgroom) says:

    John, Klondike House – a magical read! Couldn’t but get it finished at the one sitting. Brought back cherished memories of milking the cows by hand, cutting turf, saving the hay, the whole process of harvesting the spuds, Santy, going on the Wren, and more. One day at our bog in Caolrua, after backing the donkey car into a narrow bog bank while loading up for the putting out, a lark suddenly shot across the donkey who backed off even more in fright, and right into the deep bog!
    I attended Kilmacowen for the schoolyear 1951-52 and was sitting beside your uncle Paddy and Bernie Sullivan (Durrihy). My brother Riobárd put us sitting on the front bench, so we must have been perceived as the troublemakers. Directly behind us were an aunt of yours (Eileen?), Mary Hanley and Gertie Durrihy if my memory serves me right. Mary, sitting directly behind me, was adept at giving me a kick in the arse when Riobard’s back would be turned. My responding grunt from the prod helped my disreputation no end. An angelic face, where butter wouldn’t melt in its mouth, helped conceal the true culprit. The only one I’ve met and spoken to since was Mary Hanley looking and sounding as innocent as ever. I often wonder how all the others are? Seán

    • Fiona Smith says:

      I agree with you Sean, Klondike house is a magical read, I read the book last year, I have just returned from a fabulous weekend in beautiful Beara and have decided to open it up again for another read. I am Gertie Sullivan/Durrihy’s daughter, you say you were in Kilmacowen school 1951-52 with my uncle Bernie, I am guessing it was my auntie Ann who was in your class, my mother Gertie is a few years younger. Both my mother and Bernie are both retired and living in Waterford, unfortunately my auntie Ann passed away over 20 years ago. Reading Klondike House brings back many happy memories of spending summer holidays with my parents and sisters in Shauntalive, helping out on my autnie Ann and uncle Michael’s farm, well I thought I was helping, I was probably more of a pest! A beautiful book about a beautiful part of Ireland.

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